Youre Not What You Think You Are

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what makes you...well, you! __ that, for every single cell in your body there are roughly

collage of 100 trillion microorganisms living on and in you __ now, which you’ve picked

you __ you, is only a tiny fraction of the things that truly __ you up.

their __ DNA, which not only allow them to survive, but __ hundreds of processes

they even regulate __ and make you feel full. Feeling stressed? They __ chemicals

are __ effective at responding to stress stimuli than __ mice.

by a microbiome which lacks diversity, making the __ susceptible to infections.

__ gut can treat these diseases more effectively than any antibiotics. Scientists

lost __ much more effectively, even when their diet is kept the __ same. These organisms

your microbiome __ of you.

of you, you can actually __ the other 90%. Unlike the genetics __ down from

pre and probiotics, for __, introduce new and healthy bacteria which can help the

__ effect of killing some of your good bacteria too. In fact, the western __ has much less

antibiotics. It may also __ why there are much higher incidences of allergies and

__ that you are in __ of this superorganism of cells. And if you treat your microscopic

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