Your Brain on Crack Cocaine

Your Brain on Crack Cocaine

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lately, thanks to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford - what __ is crack-cocaine? Is it really as

Crack is __ another form of cocaine, which comes from the leaves of a coca __. After

and a __ is produced, often referred to as 'rocks'. This solid has a much __ melting

fact, it's called 'crack' because of the sound it makes when __. But why smoke it? Well,

Those with asthma, for __, use inhalers to __ put a drug directly into their

the membrane, and heads straight to your brain, in as little as 8 seconds. This is much __

However, once in the __, crack and cocaine are effectively identical. Initially, users

on the Ventral Tegmental __, releasing large amounts of dopamine - the chemical often __

__ - and binds to receptors that trigger the good feelings. Now, __, this dopamine

this __. It attaches to the transporter, and blocks the reabsorption, allowing __

But soon __, the dopamine levels in the brain plummet, causing an __ low and

__ that high again. Unfortunately, these dopamine levels can __ a long time to naturally

In some cases, crack or __ abuse can lead to something called Delusional Parasitosis

__, like scratching or biting, in an effort to get rid of the imagined bugs. In

or even stop the __ altogether, leading to __.

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Your Brain on Crack Cocaine

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Chính xác thì ma túy crack là gì? Có thật nó tồi tệ như nó được miêu tả?

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