Why Do You Forget Their Name?

Tại sao bạn lại quên tên họ?

Lời ca khúc hiển thị tại đây

and what does it say __ your brain?

to recognize facial __. Brain scans even show that individual __ cells are fired

do with __ called the baker effect. If I tell you I’m a baker, I’m providing

has no __ links and is vulnerable to forgetting. After all, names are __ arbitrary

__ multiple pieces of information, particularly things you __ know or feel familiar with,

Of __, it doesn’t help that you’re often focusing on introducing __. This

__, your brain starts focusing on it’s own routine (What you’ll say, how you’ll

__ we try to take in and __ new information. Our brains have both short and long term memory;

__, and if you don’t focus on it, it fades away __ [SCREEN FADES].

a __ in which you’ll never see this person again, or just generally uninterested in forming

brain is to make new connections. As a result, people who __ making new __

So how can you improve your ability to remember names? We __ down 7 clever __ to avoid

the __, or using the link in the description. These tips have been so useful to us! And

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Tại sao bạn lại quên tên họ?

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