Why Do We Cry?

Why Do We Cry?

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break-up following your __ love, crying may seem like a strange __

__ sad? Is there a biological advantage or purpose other than __

__, there are __ three types of tears. Basal tears are perpetually

__ to an irritant __ onions or dust.

__ a tear response from the glands in the eyelids. And these tears __ to get rid

But tears of sadness? Strangely this leaky __ phenomenon is exclusive to

to the __ we blush, which we described in a previous __ here. In

__ sadness or distress. That is not always __ to fake. Your tears blur

those nearby a __ of need appeasement or __.

to you and __ your chance of __.

with the tears __ removed. Not surprisingly, __ rated the pictures

awe or other __.

__ may still be used as social signals for how we __, and are thought to

regions of the __, such as the hypothalamus and basal ganglia

__ theory suggests that crying is one of your body's mechanisms to

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Why Do We Cry?

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