What Colour Is This Dress?

Màu sắc của cái váy này là gì?

Lời ca khúc hiển thị tại đây

do you __? On one __ we have team Black and Blue - on the other, team White and Gold.

For what it’s worth, we both saw black and __ and thought this was a massive prank

at first. So how can it be __ for people to see it so differently?

It’s a phenomenon __ as colour constancy. Take this cube for example. The middle square

orange. But in __, they are both the exact same colour. We __ we haven’t

a __, and instantly thinks “Oh - shadows make objects appear darker”. And so the

is taken __.

- we’re so __ up to the dress that we don’t __ know it’s surroundings and

which may be interpreting the __ in a blue-lit room, for example; as in, it’s a near a

__, with a __ blue sky. It makes perfect sense then, that the white dress would be

tinted __ and that the __ colour wouldn’t really __.

the dress in an artificially lit setting - with __ lights. As a result, the __ see’s

the __ as just a reflection off of the black, and believes that the blue has been unaffected.

it all comes down to __ perception and even how and where you view the image.

__ us, __ us even realizing.

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Màu sắc của cái váy này là gì?

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