Weird Ways to Burn 200 Calories

Weird Ways to Burn 200 Calories

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does it look like to __ these calories off? Sure, the average __ who runs for a good

do it? For __, why not __ gum for 18 hours

so if you __ a new piece every hour, you'd basically be breaking __.

__ lips to good use with 2 hours of kissing your love interest? If things __ up, you

45 sessions brushing your __. Prefer a more passive route? How about __

__ those 200 calories. Watch something hilarious and you'll only need 4 commercial free sitcoms

3 hours to burn the same __. But you will be burning calories even in your sleep!

hour by hitting the waves all the __ getting that much desired tan. And if you get a mouthful

70 calories a day - __ water that is. Meaning, after 3 days of the recommended daily __

Drinking too much water can __ be dangerous. Don't want to wait days? Try some intense

the __ know by singing your favourite pop song 23 times? But if you're shower __ is

for an hour and a half? Or put those fingers to use by typing out a 4,800 word __ story,

we have __, a pound of fat is equivalent to roughly 3500 calories. So, burn __! Though,

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Weird Ways to Burn 200 Calories

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Sau khi xem xét 200 calories thức ăn trông giống điều gì ở vài tuần trước, chúng tôi đã nghĩ rằng: Điều gì giống với việc đốt những calories này?

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