The Scientific Power of Thought

The Scientific Power of Thought

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But our understanding has __ drastically to the point where we now see the __ as

__ not only the way your brain works but its __ shape and structure as

It turns out this is __ what happens. __ a neuroscientific

programs in the brain. For example, if you were to close your eyes and __ the

__ at the letter on the __. Take a moment and imagine yourself writing out

Chances are the __ of time it takes you to simply imagine __ it is

with your non dominant __ and it actually takes you longer to __ and

How is this __?

neural pathways, practicing one __ influences the other.

hours a __.

__ but would sit in front of it and imagine practicing. The surprising __,

And after __ days their accuracy in playing was the __ same,

but the imagination __, when given the chance to practice __, was able

__ used __ in an effort to strengthen muscles. Both groups did the

__ one group simply did it mentally. Those who actually did the __

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The Scientific Power of Thought

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Trong nhiều năm qua, các nhà khoa học đã tin rằng  bộ não là tĩnh, không thay đổi và bị khóa. Nhưng hiểu biết của chúng ta đã thay đổi mạnh đến điểm mà chúng ta có thể thấy bộ não như nhựa và liên tục thay đổi.

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