The Science of Productivity

The Science of Productivity

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minds of __. But instead of downloading the latest __ management app or forcing

the potential of our minds? Is their a secret to being productive? The__

some studies __ that will __ is an exhaustable __, that can be

convincing yourself to __ try harder a more methodical approach is suggested.

get started, it may seem obvious but studies have shown starting a __ to be the

the __ parts to come and instead tries to simulate real __ by focusing

__ which compels humans to finish a task that they've __

The Zeigarnik __ shows that when we don't finish a task we __ discomfort

What about time __? Shockingly when we look at some of the most of the __

instead more deliberately. This is because they __ more time focused on

their effort over the entire __ they have periods of intense work __ by

Not relying on __ they rely on a habit and disciplined scheduling. Studies

__ work regime with a fifteen to twenty minute __ afterwards.

__ into sessions with planned __ is most effective.

One key __ is giving yourself a __.

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The Science of Productivity

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