The Science of Goosebumps and Music Chills

The Science of Goosebumps and Music Chills

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__ goosebumps at some __ in your life. But have you ever wondered why

when plucked, goosebumps are a fairly useless trait in humans which have been __

the erector-pili muscles and when these muscles contract the __ stands up on

surrounding __ to protrude. And it's the __ hormone adrenaline which

one being __, in animals with much more hair on their body this response helps

__ it ultimately providing an insulated barrier. Apart from this

"fight or flight" __, like when you're scared. Cats are a __ example,

This involuntary evolutionary response allows animals to appear __ and

it's __ is not fully understood. One interesting theory suggests that

__ a sub-conscious fear response. The body loves predictability and so

__ subsides as our brain realizes, "hey, it's just music". And this contrast in

theories as __, ultimately the brain is extremely complex and so a __

in __ it's okay to say that we don't know...yet.

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The Science of Goosebumps and Music Chills

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