Nice Guys Finish First

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this __ and show you with scientific __ and evidence, how nice guys, undoubtedly,

There’s a neat __ called the The Prisoner’s Dilemma that has boggled many __

other, with 2 __ cards in their hands. One says “COOPERATE” and the other says

the other knowing which they’ve chosen. If both players __ “COOPERATE” then

and the “COOPERATE” card __ $100.

also be DEFECT. Sure, we both __ some money, but you haven’t lost as much as if you were

- because you __ win the most __. So no matter what the other does, DEFECT is always

But here’s the __ interesting part; scientists have __ computer simulations

of turns. And the __ was one called “Tit for Tat”. It was __ to always start

time. __ this method not only helps to prevent you from getting duped __ and over,

That is, they would never be the first to defect, and would __ cooperate first.

__. On the other __, the more devious strategies that tried to trick or defect more

behaviour pays; not only in monetary terms like our game, but even in the __ world,

each other out, whereby they __ use energy but also benefit, or one can receive help

occasionally don’t __ any. To increase their __ success, the ones who do find

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