Could We Record Our Dreams?

Could We Record Our Dreams?

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it's __ curious that we often brush them aside to be __ forgotten. Night after

seemingly __ imagery and storylines. But...what are dreams? And like the many __ fiction

You may have heard of __ referring to 'brain waves' before, but have you __ stopped

to, say, __ waves? The __ is, yes; both brain and radio waves are forms of electromagnetic

of __ fire at the same frequency and generate a wave. These waves __ at

50...million to 1 __ times per second. Scientists have long used this __

to __ which parts of the brain are active for different activities, and __ which

why we __ let alone why we dream. Michael from Vsauce does a __ job explaining

__ or know what people are dreaming about, without waking them up and __ them. Of

that exists to __ us to peer into the __ of a dreamer...or is there?

__ began with a __ MRI Scanner, inside which subjects were shown simple pictures

that corresponds to the specific images. For __, if the letter "T" was shown, the

were then __ completely different images, and the software would predict and __

were the images the __ generated. But it doesn't stop there -- further studies

the __ fall asleep while in an fMRI, and would wake them up in the __ of dreaming,

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Could We Record Our Dreams?

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