Can You Erase Bad Memories?

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us for our entire lives. But, what if there was a way that you could completely __

__ is an incredibly complex process; while scientists used to believe it was like a filing

know this is __. In fact, each memory is a brain wide process. If you end up remembering

new __ and links and literally rewiring the circuitry of your mind. And this __

So what if the __ aren’t available? Simply put, memories can’t be __. Seriously

As a __ the animals have no recollection of the things that took __ shortly after

__ this research, scientists actually found a way to target long term memories for __.

rewiring. In fact, each time you reflect on a memory, you are literally __ changing

reflect on old memories, the less accurate they __.

recalling a memory, the memory can be effectively __.

heard the __, a shock was soon to follow. As a result, they would __ up and freeze

__ on. They had lost their memory of that specific noise. To be __ the drug wasn’t

the __ and played only one of the sounds, the mice would only __ that tone, while

__ time scientists have discovered specific drugs to __ particular proteins across

Which could be an __ tool, especially for patients suffering from __ like

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Liệu bạn có thể xoá bỏ những kí ức buồn không?

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