5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now

5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now

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an __ influence on society. But what about our bodies? Here are 5 crazy ways that __

Can’t log off? Surprisingly, 5-10% of internet users are actually unable to __ how much

__ scans of these people actually show a __ impairment of regions that those

the regions that control emotional processing, attention and __ making. Because social

to __ itself, making you desire these stimulations. And you __ to crave more

__ or constantly switch between work and websites are better at __, but studies

task __ tests. Increased multi-tasking online reduces your brains ability to __

Like when your phone buzzes in the middle of productive __. Or wait...did it even

you felt your __ go off, but it didn’t. In one __, 89% of test subjects said they

an itch as an __ vibration from our phone. As crazy as it seems, __ has begun

been __ in history.

scientist __ that the reward centres in people’s brains are much more __ when

- we all love __ about ourselves right? But it turns out that __ 30-40% of face-to-face

is __ involved. The same part of your brain related to orgasms, __ and love are

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5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now

Với việc được sử dụng bởi 1/3 thế giới, các trang web truyền thông xã hội rõ ràng đã có một ảnh hưởng lớn đến xã hội. Nhưng còn về cơ thể chúng ta?

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